Setting up Leech FTP

Open your Leech FTP program to start with. To set up your conneciton, click on the Yellow lightening bolt on the upper left hand corner of the program and a new screen will pop up (pictured on the right). For the Hostname, you will type in
(note: if this is for a personal domain, you will replace this with your full domain name instead.)
Leave the Port set to 21.
You will type in your spacestar username in the "Username" field and then the password associated with this account. You may leave Remote directory blank and at the bottom of this window, it should be selected to Personal Login. After you have filled in this section, Click "OK" and it will connect you to Spacestar's server.

After is successfully connects you with Spacestar, you will have 3 windows. The window on the left is the status of files uploading and dowloading. The window in the middle is a directory listing of YOUR files on your computer. The window on the right is a directory listing of what you have uploaded to Spacestar's Server. To move files from your computer to your Spacestar web page, you will click on the desired file from the middle window and drag it into the window on the right. It will then let you know if it has uploaded successfully. If it has not, try again. If it continues to be problematic, please contact our technical support staff at 952-996-0000.