Setting up Netscape 6 Email

Start by opening up your Netscape 6 Email Program. You can do this through Netscape by clicking on the Envelope as pictured to the right

Step 1: Getting Started

Click on "Edit" and then "Mail/News Account Settings" to bring up your New Email Account Wizard.

Step 2: Making a New Account

Click on the "New Account" Button to start the Wizard Process

Step 3:

Make your selection to the first one: ISP or email provider and then click "Next".

Step 4:

Now, you will enter your Name and your email address in the appropriate boxes. After you complete this task, click "Next".

Step 5: Mail Servers

Here comes the part where you enter in the mail servers. The "Server Type" should be set to POP3. For the incoming mail Server Name you will type in:
For the outgoing mail Server Name you will type in:
After you have completed those tasks, click "Next".

Step 6: Your Username

In this section, you will enter in your given Spacestar Username. (ie. username not Click "Next".

Step 7: Naming your Account

In this step, you will name your Spacestar Email account. It is recommended that you name it something such as Spacestar Account or something that specifies that this is your Spacestar username.

Step 8: Finishing Up

You are now finished setting up your Netscape 6 Email. Click "Finish".