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Technical Support FAQs

What are the basic requirements for my computer to use your service?

You need a modem and Win95 or higher or Mac OS 7.6 or higher.

How can I read my mail on the web?

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I just ordered DSL from Qwest. When will Spacestar Communications activate my DSL service?

You will also need to order DSL service from Spacestar so that we know what type of DSL account to set up for you. After we have your order, we will need specific information on your line from Qwest. Qwest automatically emails this information to Spacestar, usually about 2 to 3 weeks after you order your DSL line from Qwest. Once we get your line information from Qwest, we will configure our side of the connection and e-mail configuration instructions to you at the e-mail address on your DSL sign-up form. Once you put the configuration into your DSL router, you only have to wait for Qwest to turn up your DSL line and you will be set to go.
If your DSL line has already been installed, and we have your Qwest line information, it will take us about one business day to set up your Spacestar DSL account and e-mail the configuration instructions to you.

I forgot my password, how do I find out what it is?

If you have forgotten your password, you will need to contact Spacestar's Technical Support team at 952-996-0000. You will need to provide some account information for them in order to receive your password from them.

Why am I not connecting at 56k?

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Why am I getting frequent disconnects?

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An error message says the modem can't be found, what do I do?

  • Check to see if your modem is properly seated in the expansion slot.
  • Make sure your modem is turned on if it is an external modem.
  • Your modem may be conflicting with another device, refer to the computer manual.
  • Reinstall the modem software, in some cases, it may require that the old install be removed.

What is "Broadband" or "Bandwidth"?

The "band" in broadband refers to "bandwidth", which is basically an expression of how much data can be transmitted in a given period - often bits per second (bps). A bit is the smallest unit of digital information, either a 1 or 0. The fatter, or broader, the bandwidth, the more data that can abe transferred and the faster the connection.

What is "DSL"?

DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) Internet access provides very high-speed connections by sending digital signals over your existing phone line. A DSL connection uses a special modem to split the digital and analog signals on your phone line and routes them to the local phone company's central office, from which you are connected to the Internet. Digital signals can transmit much more data, much faster, than an analog dial-up signal.

What are the benefits to having DSL?

Once you log on, a DSL connection is always on, and connection speeds are about 50 times faster than a 56K dial-up connection. Because DSL uses a designated line, it does not share bandwidth with other users and is not subject to the deterioration of speed of shared bandwidth technology, such as cable. Not sharing bandwidth with other users also makes DSL a more secure connection, although there are precautions you can take to optimize the security of any broadband connection. And, because DSL uses different frequencies of your phone line than telephone conversations, it is possible to surf the Net and make phone calls at the same time.

What are the limitations of DSL?

Connection speeds cannot be guaranteed, since they can be influenced by factors such as the length and condition of the phone wires connection from your home to the phone company's central office. Also, in order to be eligible for DSL, you must be located within three (3) miles of a Qwest central telephone office, otherwise signal degradation will be too great for DSL to be a useful option.

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Billing FAQs

I will be out of town for over a month, can I put my service on hold?

We can place your account on "hold" status. Your monthly charge will be reduced to reflect no Internet connection and only your email will stay active for a minimal fee of $5.00 per month. Please contact our billing department for more information.

My neighbor referred me to your company. Will there be a referral credit for him (or her) if I sign up with your service?

When you are placing your order with us, please mention their name and we will flag their account for a referral credit. Note - You must mention the referral at the time you initially place your order with us.

Do I get any credit for switching from another Internet service provider in my area to your company?

All new customers are billed for the setup fee. However, if you send in a current past bill or other proof that you had service with another provider to our billing department, we will credit your account once this information is received.

What are my payment options for paying my Spacestar bill?

Currently, we have several options for paying the bill:

1. Check/Money Order: At the first of each month you will receive a statement, you may then mail a check or moneyorder to our offices in Plymouth and it will be credited to your account. Please note that payments should be made before the 18th of each month.

2. ACH Debiting: Our billing department can set it up so that your monthly bill is automatically withdrawn from you checking account

3. Paypal: With paypal, youhave 2 options. You may utilize a recurring subscription payment, which will charge your credit card the same amount every month. Also, you can make 1 time payments.

How am I billed? I haven't received a bill.

If you opted for the email statements, your bills are sent to your Spacestar email address unless you have requested us to contact you at a different email address. This is the same for any receipts, late notices, or other reasons we may need to contact you.

If you opted for paper billing, you will receive your bills at the postal address you have given us. There is a $2 charge for paper billing.

If you opted for payment by credit/debit card, you will not receive a statement, but you will receive a receipt. It is important that we have an email address that we can contact you at.

Who is Sierra Internet Services?

Sierra Internet Services was started by James Nelson and has become the parent company of Spacestar Communications.

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Sales FAQs

What does a personal dial up account include?

It includes an Internet connection on your existing phone line, 1 email account, spam filtering, national dialup access, 5 MB of personal web space and access to our technical support staff.

When will my account be active?

Accounts will be active within 24 hours of signing up with our service.

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