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Dedicated service lines for your business needs.

    Spacestar is able to offer a variety of network services for you. This includes Point to Point access, and Frame Connections. From start to finish, Spacestar will work with you to design, install, and fully implement dedicated connections and Local Area Networks in your office.

    In addition to providing the service lines, we can provide you with the needed networking hardware such as routers, network hubs, and termination equipment for the lines.

Please contact our Sales Dept. for quotes on Dedicated Access.

Frame Connection
Spacestar offers Frame relay services by connecting the clients to a Frame Cloud. The Frame Cloud is shared with other users with the same type of connection. Spacestar contacts the local Telephone Company to make sure that Frame relay services are available for the client. Spacestar then places the order for the Frame line to be installed to the client's location. One end of this line is connected to the client's router at their location and the other is connected to the Frame Cloud, which is owned by the telephone company. Some ISPs (Internet Service Providers) will not pay the local loop portion of the line, which is charged by the telephone company. Spacestar incurs this cost so that the client only has one bill to pay for Internet service. Spacestar also has a connection to the Frame cloud. This is where you receive the internet portion of the connection. The installation process can take up to 60 days.

Point to Point
Point to Point lines are not connected to a Frame Cloud and are not shared with any other users. This means that you may not experience congestion when other users are on the Internet Frame Cloud. This is a line that is directly connected from the client's location to the ISP (Internet Service Provider). Because of this direct connection, the Point to Point T1 is faster than the Frame Relay connection. What does this mean? You will receive consistent throughput. This connection may take up to 60 days to install.

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