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Digital Subscriber Lines

    How many times have you connected to the Internet and wasted valuable time waiting for a large file to download over a standard 56k Dial-Up? With xDSL from Spacestar, the wait is over! DSL (Digital Subscriber Line)* can transmit up to 5 times faster than a normal analog modem. DSL uses your existing phone line, eliminating the need for additional line installations. With DSL, voice and traffic are separated which means you can be connected to the Internet and have a phone conversation at the same time!
    Here are just some of the great reasons to consider DSL
    • High Speed Access
    • No Busy Signals
    • No Disconnections
    • Simultaneous Voice and Data Connections
     Currently, DSL is offered in the Twin Cities and surrounding communities, as well as River Falls, Menomonie, and Eau Claire. The ability to provide the DSL service is dependent on the availability from the phone company. At this time, we are able to offer DSL to qualifying customers in Qwest and Ameritech coverage areas which have the proper equipment in the CO. To find out if you qualify for DSL, please call a sales rep at spacestar, or email them by clicking here.

Qwest Territory (Prices do NOT include Qwest DSL line fees)
Account Type Up / Down Bandwidth ** Monthly Cost Setup Fee *
DSL-1 256k/640k $19.95 $25.00
DSL-2 512k/640k $38.95 $25.00
DSL-3 768k $48.95 $25.00
DSL-5 256k/640k / 15hrs dialup/month $29.95 $25.00

If you live in Qwest territory, you can purchase all of the equipment you need from Qwest.

Ameritech Territory (Prices include DSL line fees)
Account Type Up / Down Bandwidth ** Monthly Cost Setup Fee * Contract Length
WDSL-1 384k/768k $51.95 $20.00 6 month
WDSL-1 384k/768k $48.95 $20.00 12 month

If you live in Wisconsin, you will need to purchase your DSL equipment either from Spacestar, or some other vendor. Equipment not purchased from Spacestar will not be supported. You will need the following:

  • DSL Router - This is the piece of equipment that actually connects you to the DSL network. In effect, it performs the same function as a modem in a dialup connection. Spacestar will perform configuration on all routers it ships.
  • 10/100baseT Network Card - This is installed in your computer and connects your computer to the DSL router. Many retail computer stores will install a network card for a fee, and many computers come with a built in network port.
  • Line filters - These are used to seperate the digital DSL signaling from the analog voice and fax signals on your line. You will need one for each phone jack that you use.
Description Cost
ZyXEL 642-R DSL Router $260.00 + shipping
10/100 PCI Network Card $20.00 + shipping
DSL Wallmount Line Filter $5.00 + shipping
DSL Inline Filter $4.00 + shipping

* Existing customers will not incur the setup fee.
** Depending on availability.

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