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Web Hosting Services
    Spacestar is your choice for web hosting! We have a variety of resources at our disposal for your company's web site. From e-commerce to e-mail, we can accommodate your needs. We can house your site on either a UNIX server with Apache, or a Windows NT server with Front Page. Scripting, server side applications, and pre processors such as PHP and Cold Fusion are available as well. Spacestar can also design your web site for you. Please contact us for more information.

    In addition to hosting, we also handle mail routing and secure transactions on our system. If you have any questions on other services not listed here, please contact us; we will have a solution for you.
  • Frontpage Extensions
  • PHP and Cold Fusion and CGI support
  • Secure pages and certificates for credit processing
  • Usage and hit monitors included on site
  • Tape Backup of web site
    Listed below are the pricing groups for our services. Please contact our Sales Department if you have any further questions.

Hosting Level Setup Fee Monthly Cost
Web 4 (Basic) - 10MB Storage $25.00 $14.95
Web 5 - w/ 100Hr Dial-Up - 10MB Storage $25.00 $24.95
Web 6 - 25MB Storage $25.00 $34.95
Web 7 - 50MB Storage $25.00 $50.00
Additional Space / MB     N/A   $1.00
DNS Hosting     N/A $5.00
Service Options Setup Fee Monthly Cost
Frontpage Extensions $30.00      Incl.
PHP Extensions     N/A      Incl.
Cold Fusion Extensions*     N/A $10.00
Secure Page     N/A $10.00
CGI Access     N/A $10.00
Secure Certificate     N/A Market
Database Hosting *     N/A $15.00
Domain Registration or Transfer to Spacestar's DNS server(one time fee) $100.00
* These options are only available on an NT Server Platform. All other options are on a UNIX based OS.
*A Spacestar Engineer must review each Database.

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