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This is service is supplied without warranties or guaranties of any type.  There is NO expectation of privacy on the internet.

You may not cause harm to other people, you may not send emails to people who do not request them.

You must have a secure password and a virus checker to keep your computer from being taken over by others.

You are responsible for any damage or harm you cause to other people.

Service is provided on a month to month basis, by the calendar month.  You must give a one calendar month notice to quit.  For example: If you send us notice to quit on June 25th your service would end July 31st.


Any notice received must be by email, fax or US mail. 
EMAIL:       billing@spacestar.net

US MAIL:  Spacestar Communications
                   PO Box 95156
                   Las Vegas, NV   89193

FAX:             888-252-6552


No cancellations or changes in service will be processed from a voicemail.

No cancellations or changes in service will be processed from a telephone call.

Your continued use of the service signifies your acceptance of these terms of service.

These terms of service were last modified on October 10th 2003

We will send a general email if these terms of service are modified.

Spacestar Communications
P.O. Box 95156
Las Vegas, NV 89193-5156

612.293.5587 - Billing and Support (Twin Cities)
702.450.6601 - Billing and Support (Nevada)
800.565.1837 - Billing and Support (Outside Toll-Free)
888.252.6552 - Fax

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